Sacramento Traditional Shotokan Karate Club

Fee Structure and Schedule

Effective November, 2017

·       If you are a club member, an additional monthly training fee of $20 are due on the 1st of each month prior to training. Please pay directly to the Sensei.  If you are not a club member, you may be charged a daily use fee of $10 by the club.  Whether you are do or not, you are still responsible for paying the Sensei $5.00 per week for any and all classes during the calendar week.

Testing Fees:

·         Kyu tests are $40, if testing locally and includes the cost of a new belt if appropriate.  There is no charge for retesting, if you do not pass.  Remote testing is encouraged whenever possible.

·       Black belt testing is usually not offered locally and cost varies, but can be significant. Check with me for current fee schedule and to arrange testing time and location.


·         Gis are not included in fees. Gis should be plain white with no other markings. If your current Gi does not meet this description, you may use it, but please get a plain white Gi when your current Gi needs replacing.