What's New?

6/09: Sensei Leggett attended the AAKF National Judging Seminar and competed in Kata. Won the Open/Circuit Tournament and made it to the semi-finals in the national tournament - came in 5th place.

7/09:  Sensei Fitzpatrick visiting and taught a couple of classes. Had barbecues, breakfast, and good training.

8/09: ISKA Sierra Camp with ISKA senseis and instructor Ron Vance attended by Sensei Leggett

8/09:  JKAUS-NW Summer Karate seminar in Ashland, OR with Sensei Avi Rokah. Jessica, Sasi, and David all passed their respective Kyu exams. 9 people from Sac. went up.

See picture of Ashland group.

8/09: Sensei Leggett attended seminar with Sensei Yaguchi of ISKF

8/09 Sensei Leggett attended Karate and Jujitsu seminars in Martinez with Senseis Steve Leak and Sensei Peter Clark at Sensei Tom Kubiak's dojo.

9/18-20 Sensei Leggett attended weekend seminar in Vancouver Wa. with Sensei Steve Ubl.  -- "Fantastic seminar. Sensei Ubl is truly amazing in action."  Do not miss the opportunity to see him. He will be doing another seminar for NW region in the spring." - Sensei Leggett.

1/2010  Sensei Leggett and Sasi Balaji attend the National Karate Institute Winter Training week with Senseis Rokah, Vance, Dobes

2/2010 Sensei Leggett and Jessica Bowen attend Sensei Shariffi's Winter Camp Training in Richmond, Ca.

4/25/2010 Sensei Leggett takes second place in Western Regionals in Kata.

May, 2010 - Welcome new members Gene Munger, Charles, Cailin, and Alexander Goldman

June, 2010 - Sensei Legget placces second in Western Regional Karate Tournament in Kata and 3rd place in the US National Tournament

June, 2010 - Tobia Moritz earns his Shodan ranking. Congratulations, Tobias!