Sensei John Leggett, 5th Dan - under ITKF, AAKF, ISKA, JKA-NW, and JKA has been training in traditional Shotokan karate for over 25 years. He studied for 13 years with Sensei Jerry Fitzpatrick, 5th Dan ITKF/JKA-USA/AAKF, 7th Dan ISKA. Sensei Fitzpatrick is the founder of Sacramento Traditional Shotokan Karate(STSK).

Sensei Leggett had the privilege to train frequently with Sensei Nishiyama, 10th Dan and head of ITKF, AAKF, JKA International-USA and co-founder of the legendary JKA. Sensei Nishiyama is considered by many karateka to be the greatest Shotokan Karate instructor of this century. Sensei Leggett continues to train with other top instructors at seminars on a regular basis, including Senseis Ubl, Rokah, Fitzpatrick, Graves, Cruz, etc.

Sensei Leggett is an accomplished professional trumpet player with a Master's Degree in Music. He plays regularly in the Sacramento area with local orchestras and arts organizations such as the Sacramento Philharmonic, Sacramento Opera, Sacramento Ballet, Sacramento Choral Society, etc. Sensei Leggett currently works full time for the Intel Corporation as a Design Engineer in Information Technology.

Sensei Leggett has competed nationally and won the national general elimination ITKF tournament in Kata, Kumite, and Fuku-Go several times and placed 3rd in the 2005 and 2010 US National Tournament of the International Traditional Karate Federation in Kata.

Training classes are rigorous with emphasis on understanding the principals of JKA Traditional Shotokan Karate. The classes are not geared towards "sport" karate, though we have had some students who have competed very successfully. 

Kihon, Kata, Kumite are the 3 pillars of our training regime.

Any race, nationality, gender, or sexual orientation persons are welcome to train at Sacramento Traditional Shotokan Karate. Courtesy, discipline and hard work will be expected of you. The ultimate goal of our training is to improve the character of the individual, both physically and mentally.

Kid's Classes: There are no separate kids or beginning classes. Beginners are incorporated into the regular class and separated out for specialized instruction. Recommended minimum age for training is 12 - though this is based on the maturity and character of the student, not strickly on age, so some variance is possible on a trial basis, especially if the student has had prior martial arts training.

Anyone who just wants to try out a class or drop-in, even from other styles is always welcome. If you are interested in coming by to train with us or trying out a class, just show up at one of our regularly scheduled classes.

Feel free to stop by a few minutes before or after class to speak to Sensei Leggett or one of the Black Belts if you want to know more about Sacramento Traditional Shotokan Karate, or contact Sensei as listed below.


Rollingwood Fitness Club
9373 Winding Oaks Dr.,
Fair Oaks, CA 95628
Club Tel. (916) 988-9185



John Leggett, Sensei

Phone: (916) 865-9902



Mondays and Thursdays

6:30pm to 8:00pm

No training on major US Holidays


Club membership + $20 per month

Guest Training Fee: $10 club use fee per day and $5.00 per week paid directly to the instructor

See Fees Document for full information

Dojo Etiquette